Book Review Guidelines

The American Communication Journal solicits reviews of books that reflect emerging trends within communication theory and praxis and/or those which illuminate provocative intersections between the field of communication and other disciplines and endeavors. Each review shall consist of a thoughtful analysis and/or critique of a contemporary text (or current translation, revision, or editing, including textbooks.)

The review should include a statement about the significance of the book, information about the author, the reviewer’s interest in the text/subject and a critical review of the text’s central themes. Reviews should be no longer than 750 words.  The deadlines are the same as for article manuscripts.

Following ACA tradition, we invite you to make use of the audio and visual potential of the World Wide Web as you organize your review. At a minimum we suggest that you construct hyperlinks to other authors or pages that might offer insight to your arguments. However, we also ask that you keep formatting to a minimum (no excessive use of colors, blinking text, etc.).

Publishers and authors are encouraged to send new books (copyright date within 5 years of ACJ posting date) and to inquire about reviews for forthcoming books to the book review editor at the address below.  Preference will be given to books related to interpersonal communication and popular culture.

Anita K. McDaniel
Associate Professor                                                                                                             Department of Communication Studies
University of North Carolina Wilmington
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5933                                                                                           Telephone:  910-962-7932


Authors should contact the Book Review Editor by email with a request to review a book. The request should include the title of the book being considered, the author’s mailing address and a 500-1000 word writing sample. If the quality of writing in the sample is acceptable, the review may be submitted or a copy of the book being considered will be mailed to the author for review.

  1. The Book Review Editor will check the review for blatant analytical, stylistic, or grammatical errors.
  2. If no errors are found, the author will be notified and the Book Review Editor will forward the review to the Managing Editor.
  3. If there are errors, the author will be advised to revise and resubmit the review until it is ready for publication.


  1. The author(s) must strongly consider all grammatical, stylistic, and substantive changes suggested by the Book Review Editor.
  2. The text must begin on a new page and be single spaced within paragraphs and double spaced between them.  Please do not include quotations longer than three sentences.
  3. The author(s) must ensure that all information (including name, affiliation and contact addresses), hypertext format, and links are accurate.  The editorial staff will not correct errors to a posted article unless they are related to converting the original document from Word to PDF.
  4. Neither the American Communication Association nor the American Communication Journal assume any liability for any information housed on its server. By agreeing to publish in the American Communication Journal, authors assume liability for all words, content, and meanings, regardless of context or third party involvement. The American Communication Journal will copyright all works on its site; however, authors retain the right to make use of their own work (with the exception of commercial publication).