FALL 2014 (Volume 16, Issue 2)

Edited by Aziz Douai

Table of Content

Research Articles

Comparing Relationships among Self-disclosure, Social Attraction, Predictability and Trust in Exclusive Facebook and Exclusive Face-to-Face Relationships                            by Pavica Sheldon & Loretta Pecchioni

The Impact of Online Disruptive Ads on Users’ Comprehension, Evaluation of Site Credibility, and Sentiment of Intrusiveness                                                                          by Wei Zha & H. Denis Wu

xXx: Global Imperial Pop                                                                                                    by Tanner Mirrlees

The Good Citizen: Presidential Rhetoric, Immigrants, and Naturalization Ceremonies by by Jason A. Edwards

The Rhetoric of Silence and the Collapse of the Soviet Empire                                        by William Forrest Harlow

Book Review

The Handbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation by Craig E Carroll (Ed.). Reviewed by Jennifer F. Wood

Reviewers’ Acknowledgment