For Authors


By providing digital space for work that could not be published in traditional print journals, ACJ has become the premier journal for media rich scholarship during the nine years of publishing. The American Communication Association issues a call for scholarship that focus on human communication and technology. Submissions may come from a variety of perspectives: critical/rhetorical, qualitative, and quantitative.

Manuscripts should be web-rich, at a minimum this would include bookmarks within the submission itself that leads both to any relevant endnote and/or citation and to other resources available on the web at the time of submission. Authors may also elect to include professional graphics (no blinking text or moving letters), photos, video clips, audio clips, animations, including interactive elements all of which will be stored on the ACJ’s server space or YouTube page. However, not all worthy scholarship does, should or can be written in such a way that “cyberspace” can contribute usefully to it. So this journal will also accept more traditional scholarship.


ACJ publishes issues four times a year (spring, summer, fall and winter) according to the schedule below.

Issue                                               Month posted                                   Submission deadline

Winter                                             March                                                 December 31

Spring                                              June                                                    March 31

Summer                                          September                                         June 30

Fall                                                   December                                           September 31