2008 Special Edition

Edition Contents

Debbi Hatton, Managing Editor

Indroduction by Stephanie Houston Grey


Speaking a Word for Nature: Science and Poetry in Rhetoric of Thoreau’s Transcendental Ecology

By:  Nathan Crick

Naturalizing Technology in Late Nineteenth Century America: An Aesthetic of Excess Meaning in the Paintings of J. Alden Weir                                                                                                                                    

By:  Larry Lambert

William Morris’ Arts & Crafts Aesthetic Rhetoric                                                                                             

By:  Andrew King

Sound Technology and the Immobilization in Public Visions of Buster Keaton                                  

By:  Thomas Vaughn                                                                                                                         

Through the Objective Lens: The Ethics of Expression and Repression of High Art in           Photojournalism                                                                                                                                                          

By:  Peggy J. Bowers 

Visual Representation of Health Information: A Critique of the 2005 Food Pyramid

By: Carey Noland & M. Isabel Meirelles    

Exhibitions in Life and Death: The Photography of Lucinda Devlin, Gunther  von Hagens’ Body Worlds, and the Disassembly of Scientific Progress

By: Stephanie Houston Grey