2009 Winter (Volume 11, Issue 4)

Edition Contents

Debbi Hatton, Managing Editor


The Interactive Nature of Computer-Mediated Communication

By: Abd El-Basit Mahmoud & Philip J. Auter

A Little Clarity Please: A Lackluster Commercial Speech Definition Leads to Wishy-Washy First Amendment Protection and Sporadic Legal Decisions

By:  Emma K. Wertz

Individual Personality Traits and Use of Digital Media for News

By: Tony DeMars & Leo Chan

Action, Romance, or Science Fiction: Your Favorite Movie Genre May Affect Your Communication

By: Amy Capwell Burns

Images of the War on Cancer in the Associated Press: Centering Survivors and Marginalizing Victims

By:  Jo Anna Grant & Heather Hundley


Building a Relationship with Mediation: Are Public Relations Strategies Warranted in Advertising Medications?                                                                                                                                           

By:Slavica Kodish                                                                                                                                       

Barack Hussein Obama: Campaigning While (Allegedly) Muslim                                                                                                                               

By: Aisha Toriq & Mia Moody

Analysis of Video Filmed Speeches Published on the Internet in the American Democratic Party Primary Election                                               

By: Louise Kindblom