2009 Spring (Volume 11, Issue 1)

Edition Contents

Debbi Hatton, Managing Editor


The Age of Virtual Reality – An Essay

By: Thomas Hohstadt & Dan Keast

The Future of Television: From Boob-Tube to YouTube

By: Meritxell Roca-Sales

The  Blurring of Interpersonal and Mass Communication – Generation Net and the Cell Phone

By: Carol Cooper

CVSpace: Musings on Cape Verdean Youth Identity, Technology, and MySpace

By: Paul Khalil Saucier

MySpace to Your Space: How Celebrity Politics and the Internet are Transforming Political Communication Among American Youth  

By: Marjolaine Madore                                                                                                                

Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions and Preferences of Computer-Mediated Communication with Faculty

By: Jennifer T. Edwards                                                                                                                                      

Online Forums as an Arena for Political Discussions: What Politicians and Activists Can Learn From Teachers

By: Kevin Y. Wang

Facebook politics: An exploratory study of American youth’s political engagement during the 2008 presidential election

By: Jingsi Wu