2008 Summer (Volume 10, Issue 2)

Edition Contents

Debbi Hatton, Managing Editor


Communication Training  as Described by Independent Practitioners:  A First Look

By:  Christina D McGehee & Lynne M. Webb


Disadvantaged Women Dress for Success: A Study in Empowerment and Censure

By: Susan S. Gilpin


Both Sides Now: A Bona Fide Group Perspective of Families and Divorce Mediation

By: Joanne Cook, Nathan Fuchs, Jacob Roecker, Marie Crookston and  Dana Henderson


Coping and Perpetuating Silence in a Romantic Relationship: Framing Strategies Used by Rape Survivors

By: Crystal-Lane Swift, Michelle Prieb and Sara Hammond


The Southern Tradition Baying: Race, Religion, and Rhetorical Redoubts

By: Lindsley Armstrong Smith


US Mass Media and Images of Pakistan: Portrayal of Pakistan by News week and Time Magazines (1991-2001)                                                                                                                                                                        

By: Shahzad Ali 



Hogan, J. Michael, Andrews, Patricia Hayes, Andrews, James R. & Williams, Glen –Public  Speaking and Civic Engagement  

Reviewed by:  Kristen Treinen , Daniel Cronn-Mills, & Christa Brown


Nelson, Paul E., Titsworth, Scott, & Pearson, Judy C. – iSpeak: Public Speaking for Contemporary Life                                                              

Reviewed by: Daniel Cronn-Mills, Christa Brown, Kristen Treinen 


Hemmer, Nancy GrassPublic Speaking in American English

Reviewed by: Christa Brown, Kristen Treinen, & Daniel Cronn-Mills