Winter 1998 (Volume 1, Issue 2)



Stephanie J. Coopman, Joy Hart, James G. Hougland, Jr., & Dwight B. Billings, Speaking for God: The Functions of Church Leader Storytelling in Southern Appalachia in the 1950’s

Nathaniel Kohn, Wonder Never Seizes

Special Section I

David Sutton, Le Plaisir C’est Dans le Texte!

John Nelson & Anna Lorien Nelson, Story and More: Virtual Narratives for Electronic Times

Ann Rosenthal, Navigating the ‘Net with the Narrative Paradigm: So What?

Special Section II

Robert T. Craig, Textual Harassment

Ted A. Wendt, The Ways and Means of Knowing: The “Problem” of Scholarship in a Postmodern World

Paul H. Gray, Calling the Cops

Malcolm R. Parks, Where Does Scholarship Begin?

Carolyn Ellis, What Counts as Scholarship in Communication? An Autoethnographic Response