Spring 1998 (Volume 1, Issue 3)



Stephanie J. Coopman & Katherine Burnett Meidlinger, Interpersonal Stories Told by a Catholic Parish Staff

Joseph Kayany, Instructional Uses and Effects of World Wide Web Course Pages: A Review of Instructor Experiences


Tom Benson, Electronic Journals and Faculty Rewards

Raymie McKerrow, Andrew Wood, & Matthew Smith, Publishing On-Line: Challenging Standards of Hiring, Promotion, and Tenure

Special Section

Andrew King, Motive

James Mackin, Sacrifice and Moral Hierarchy: The Rhetoric of Irish Republicans, 1916-23

Brooke L. Quigley, Identification’ as a Key Term in Kenneth Burke’s Rhetorical Theory

J. Clarke Rountree, III, Coming to Terms with Kenneth Burke’s Pentad

Rise Jane Samra, Guilt, Purification, and Redemption

Book Reviews

Presidential Crisis Rhetoric and the Press in the Post Cold War World