Summer 1999 (Volume 2, Issue 3)



Stuart L. Esrock, Online Shopping: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Special Section: E-Employment

James Arnt Aune, The Webpage and the Job Candidate: Another Fad?

Bill Eadie, Electronic Placement and the National Communication Association (NCA)

Fred Jandt, Do Job Seekers in Our Discipline Need to Have Home Pages?

Richard R. Ranta, Should Job Seekers in Our Discipline Have Home Pages? In a Word, Maybe

Lynne Webb, Do Job Seekers in Our Discipline Need Home Pages?

Andrew F. Wood & Stephanie J. Coopman, Virtual Job Seekers and Electronic Front Porches: A Conversation from Both Sides of the Hiring Process

Special Section: E-Journals

John A. Courtright, The Future of Cyber-Based Resources in Communication: The Anatomy of an Opinion

Lawrence W. Hugenberg, Communication Teacher Online: Issues for Success

Ty Adams, The Things We Think, and Do Not Say

Book Reviews

Readings in Mass Communication: The Media Literacy and Culture

Cybersociety 2.0: Revisiting Computer-Mediated Communication and Community 
Theories of Communication

Whiteness: The Communication of Social Identity