Spring 2000 (Volume 3, Issue 3)



Ted Coopman, Hardware Handshake: Listserv forms Backbone of National Free Radio Network

Tricia L. Nellessen & Robert M. Brady, “May I Speak With the DJ?” Industry Consolidation, Computer Technologies, and Their Impact on Radio in the Late 1990s: A Case Study

Special Section: Asian Communication

Randy Kluver, Globalization, Informatization, and Intercultural Communication

Peter A. DeCaro, Ho Chi Minh’s Rhetoric for Revolution

Akira Miyahara, Toward Theorizing Japanese Interpersonal Communication Competence from a Non-Western Perspective

Xu Xiaoge, Asian Perspectives in Communication: Assessing the Search

Shaorong Huang & Wenshan Jia, The Cultural Connotation and Communicative Functions of Chinese Kinship Terms

Special Section: Rogue Scholar IV

David A. Ling, Rogue Scholarship: An Introduction

Scott Millward, The Relationship Among Internet Exposure, Communicator Context and Rurality

Jeannette Kindred, Thinking About the Online Classroom: Evaluating the “Ideal” Versus the “Real”

William L. Benoit & Pamela J. Benoit, The Virtual Campaign: Presidential Primary Websites in Campaign 2000

Mike Madias, Warp Speed Journalism

Stephanie J. Coopman, Disability on the Net

Xeno Rasmusson, The World Wide Weed: Marijuana Goes Online

Ted M. Coopman, High Speed Access: Micro Radio, Action, and Activism on the Internet

Editorial Forum

Stephen A. Smith, Guerrillas in the Mist

Ann Rosenthal, ACJ Founder, Ty  Adams: Online Publishing Pioneer, Bishop de Bury, and Pandora?

Lynne M. Webb, Legacy

Book Reviews

International Media Monitoring

Communication Criticism

Propaganda and Persuasion

Media Literacy

Academic Constraints in Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament

Nonverbal Communication

Candidates in Conflict

Telling the Success Story