Fall 2000 (Volume 4, Issue 1)



Todd S. Frobish, Altar Rhetoric and Online Performance: Scientology, Ethos, and the World Wide Web

Carl Isaacson,  My Governor Can Whup Your Governor’s A..: Jesse Ventura Wrestles the Local Press to a No Decision — A Rhetorical Analysis of the Playboy Scandal

Special Section

Edwin Black, On Objectivity and Politics in Criticism

Jim A. Kuypers, Must We All Be Political Activists?

Craig R. Smith, Criticism of Political Rhetoric and Disciplinary Integrity

Jill Taft-Kaufman, Critical Claims, Critical Functions: Autoethnography and Postscholarship

Book Reviews

Cop Talk: Essential Communication Skills for Community Policing

I Know Just What You Mean: The Power of Friendship in Woman’s Lives

Seeing Spots: A Functional Analysis of Presidential Television Advertisements, 1952-1996

Tune in, Log on: Soaps, Fandom, and Online Community