Winter 2001 (Volume 5, Issue 2)



Establishing Understandings: Teaching About Culture in Introductory Television Courses Barbara Ruth Burke & Julie Rae Patterson-Pratt

A Guide to Implementing PowerPoint and Overhead LCD Projectors in Communication Classrooms Joe Downing & Cecile Garmon

An Information Processing Perspective on the Efficacy of Instructional Feedback Paul E. King & Melissa J. Young

Meet Your Footnotes

Gerald Phillips

Special Section: Pedagogical Realities: Defining Eloquence in the 21st Century

Speechmaking, Pedagogy, and Civic Responsibility Stephen E. Lucas

Rhetorical Culture and the Basic Course J. Michael Sproule

Balancing the Old and the New Clella I. Jaffe

Presentations in Everyday Life: Linking Audience Interest and Speaker Eloquence Isa N. Engleberg 

Jamieson Met the Beebes Long Ago: Public Speaking: An Audience-Centered Approach  Steven Beebe and Susan Beebe


Active Versus Passive Sentence Construction: Which Is the Best Choice? Catherine Biondi

Book Reviews

Between One and Many: The Art and Science of Public Speaking

Education is Politics: Critical Thinking Across Differences, Post-secondary

Reasoning With Statistics: How to Read Quantitative Research (5th Ed.)