Spring 2003 (Volume 6, Issue 3)



Order, Chaos and the (Cyber)Spaces Betwixt and Between: The Interconnections of Performance and Technology


Raikes, Heather, cosine; conclusions(?)

Schutzman, Mady, & Brown, Jason, Joker Runs Wild


LeVan, Michael, Spaces of Movement

Keith, RuAnn, The Mobius Band Meets the Lucas Sequence: Intertextuality in “Joker Runs Wild” and “Cosine”

Logan, Christie, Presence and Absence in Online Performance: Configurations in the Problematics of Access

Gajjala, Radhika, Fluid Architectures Running Wild: How Wild Are They Really?

Attias, Bernardo Alexander, Who Writes? Scattered Speculations on Scholarship in Cyberspace

Chvasta, Marcy This is Not About Puppies (Though, I do Apologize to Those Who are Tired of Pet Stories on the Internet)

Book Reviews

The Body Can Speak

Dario Fo: Stage, Text, and Tradition 

The Pickle Clowns: New American Circus Comedy

Teaching Performance Studies