Fall 2013 (Volume 15, Issue 4)

Fall 2013 (Volume 15, Issue 4)

Edition Contents


Alternative vs. Traditional News: A Content Analysis of News Coverage of the 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11

    by Rex E. Barber Jr., Robert Andrew Dunn & Stephen W. Marshall

A Classification of Family Communication and Right-Wing Authoritarian Beliefs Using Cluster Analysis

   by Edward T. Vieira, Jr. & Susan Grantham

Opinion Leadership on Gun Control in Social Networks: Preferential Attachment versus Reciprocal Liking

    by Mark Tremayne & Milad Minooie

Role of Nigerian Politicians and Political Communicators in the Implementation of Vision 20:2020

   by Angela N. Nwammuo, Leo O.N. Edegoh & Ezekiel S. Asemah


Using Practitioner Experiences in Experiential Learning

   by James E. Collier

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