Winter 2012 (Volume 14, Issue 1)

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Anita McDaniel–Managing Editor

Editorial Note


The Politics of the Source: How the Credibility of a News Source Changes Based on the Political Perception of Blogs

Joshua C. Murphy and Philip J. Auter 

The Art of the Impossible: Obama, Rawls and American Healthcare

Chris Underation

Fixing the Hillary Factor: Examining the Trajectory of Hillary Clinton’s Image Repair from Political Bumbler to Political Powerhouse

Denise Oles-Acevedo

Consuming Television Crime Drama: A Uses and Gratifications Approach

Darrin Brown, Sharon Lauricella, Aziz Douai, & Arshia Zaidi




Classroom Communication and Diversity: Educational Instruction Practice (2nded.).  By Powell, R.G. & Powell, D.

Reviewed by Morgan Hunt

Public Discourse in America: Conversation and Community in the Twenty-First Century. Edited by Judith Rodin and Stephen P. Steinberg

Reviewed by Bethany Mills Rigney


“IMC & CMM:  Finding Common Ground”                                                                     University of North Carolina Wilmington                                                                                 June 2-4, 2011

  1. Keynote Address:  Vernon Cronen, Ph.D.                                                                                 UNCW Visiting Scholar
  2. IMC and the Communication Discipline:  Scholarly Perspectives                                         Panel  13 discussion
  3. The Client, the Entrepreneur, the Agency:  Marketplace Perspectives IMC                     Panel 14 discussion